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Old Town Hall

hall rental

hall details

40 ft x 30 ft open floor space

Building capacity limit: 100 persons

Approx. 70 chairs, ten 8 ft and three 6ft tables included

No kitchen facilities.

Wall mounted power strip available for hot plates/crock pots

Open Bar or Sale of Alcohol are NOT ALLOWED

Old Town Hall User Guide – Click for the printable version


A great venue in the beautiful village of Metamora! I can speak from performance experience to it’s charm and vintage feel. It’s a perfect venue for an intimate performance with your audience.
– James A.
Great venue! Fit 50 people comfortably! No one else could beat the price!
– Amber A.
It is a lovely place to perform in a string quartet.
– Susan W.

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rental policies


Renter must unlatch the gate between the Hall and the Masonic building when the Hall is in use to provide for fire escape.

No chairs or tables are to be removed from the premises.

No storage of items for any event is allowed.

Lights & fans must be shut off when building is not in use.

All doors must be locked and secured when building is not occupied. The exterior gate must be latched.

In cold months,the furnace thermostat should be turned up no sooner than one hour prior to an event.  The thermostat must be turned down to   50 degrees immediately after the event.

In warm months, the air conditioner should be set to desired temperature no sooner that one hour prior to the event. The thermostat must be turned back to 85 degrees immediately after the event.

decorating & cleanup

Clean up is the responsibility of the rental party.  This includes all trash removal, floor sweeping and spill clean up.

If clean up is not done in accordance with M.H.S. rental policies, a fee will be charged to the rental party to cover cost of clean-up/trash removal and/or damage to the hall or its contents.  The officers of the M.H.S will determine the fee to be deducted from the renter’s $50.00 deposit.

Keys must be returned to the MHS Lock Box, and cannot be shared with other parties.

Any furniture moved for the event must be replaced in its original position.

Outside banners or signs must be approved by the MHS. Taping or pinning to painted surfaces are not allowed.


Open bar, sale of alcohol,  illegal drugs, and smoking are NOT permitted.


Rental cancellation requires notification a minimum of two weeks prior to the rental date for refund of rental fee.

rental Packages

civic/non-profit event 

$50 security deposit required for all hall rentals.

$75/weekdays       $150/day weekend and   holidays 

Private Party/Business Event

Must be 21 years of age or older to rent hall

Renters will be limited to no more than 5 days per month

Early set up, generally the evening before day of rental – $75.00

$50 security deposit for all hall rentals

$100 Weekdays 
$150/day Weekends and

mHS member event 

$50 security deposit required for all hall rentals.

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