April 16, 2022 the Daughters of the American Revolution held a fashion show at Downtown Metamora’s historic Old Town Hall to showcase fashions covering the past 400 years.

According to the County Press article written by Nicholas Pugliese,

It’s fair to say that fashion has changed in 400 years.

That fact was on display for all in attendance at last weekend’s “400 Years of Fashion – Clothing in America” show presented by the Nipissing Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) at the Historic Old Town Hall in downtown Metamora.

Aim of the show was to showcase the changing fashions of the past four centuries, from 1600 to the present. To do so, 28 models donned every manner of outfit, from attire worn by settlers at Jamestown to wedding dresses from the 1970s, and everything in between.

Organizers of the “400 Years of Fashion” show included Marsha Jewett, GayAnn Reynolds and Judy Mattila, all members of the Nipissing Chapter of DAR.

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