3 Barnes Store

The original Barnes Store was located south of Dryden Rd. and west of the railroad tracks. It is believed that the building had its origins as a cooper’s shop before being owned by the father and son team of Alva and Marion Barnes. It was moved across the street and exists today as a blue-sided residence.

The present brick building was built on the original site in 1907 by Marion Barnes and was used as a general store. After the senior Mr. Barnes passed away, Marion ran the store for a while but was eager to get out. He suggested to Frank Farley that he open a store there and the Frank Farley General Store operated in 1912 to about 1942.

When Marion Barnes passwed away in 1942, he deeded the entire building to the Masons. The interior of the building has been remodeled over the years and the large windows and entryway has been sided over, but the upper portion remains the same. 


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